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As a responsible dog owner, we are always prepared for POOP, and a poop bag holder is a non-negotiable accessory.

Our Whale Poop Bag Holder allows you to hold poop bags in a fancy and fun way while walking your dog.

  • Vegan leather
  • Zipper opening
  • Eyelet on top for poop bag to be pulled through
  • Matt black plated hardware
  • Able to fit a standard roll of poop bag.
  • Clip to attach to leash/ bag/ pet carrier

 Stylish poop bag holder with the shape of whale, allows you to carry the poop bag in a fancy and fun way

Our story

The journey of life is sweeter when travelling with dogs.

We love taking our dog everywhere we go, this is the reason we love designing different kind of dog carriers, cause we use them all the time too.

Biewer Backpack Pet Carrier

A carrier that makes it a lot easier to take your pup out for adventures!!!