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Color /  Olive Green

Material / Water Resistant Nylon

Backpack dog carrier with a small dog in the wild

Model using backpack dog carrier to carry a small dog

Model using backpack dog carrier to carry a small dog for hiking

Model using a backpack dog carrier to carry a small dog for hiking

model using backpack dog carrier to carry a dog to check out an abandoned house

Model using the backpack dog carrier to carry a small dog and looking at the sky


Breathable - Top and side mesh window

Privacy - Top and side flap to cover up the mesh windows that can provide total privacy for your pet when needed.

Leak-proof - Waterproof nylon as inner lining

Exterior Material - Water-resistant nylon

Inner Safety Trap - Two inner safety straps to prevent your pet from jumping out (one at the top and one at the bottom, you can choose which one to use base on you and your pet's preference.)

Storage Pockets - A front pocket, inner laptop sleeve, another inner pocket, hidden pocket at the back and two open pockets on both sides. With all these pockets, you can pack lots of your personal belongings and pet essentials.

Removable Bottom Pad - 1cm soft padding and hard bottom board.

Size - It will be used comfortably with pups up to 5kg.

Machine-washable - The ENTIRE bag is machine washable.

Backpack Dog Carrier (front) Product details

Backpack dog Carrier for small dog, product details

Backpack dog carrier - side details

backpack dog carrier - side flap product details


The dimensions of the backpack dog carrier

  • The entire bag is machine-washable.
  • Wash on delicate or gentle cycle, with cold water
  • Hang dry
  • Please remove the bottom pad and wash it separately

Our story

The journey of life is sweeter when travelling with dogs.

We love taking our dog everywhere we go, this is the reason we love designing different kind of dog carriers, cause we use them all the time too.

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A carrier that makes it a lot easier to take your pup out for adventures!!!