Homemade Dog Food Recipe - Salmon Tower

Whiskey, our fluffy CEO has sensitive stomach, when he was 2 years old, he had been really sick for months. Not only is his diarrhea and gas unbearable, but you can probably tell that he was in actual discomfort. He has tried so many different dog food during those few months, none of them can soothe his upset tummy.

Until he switch to a freeze dried fresh pet food. All ingredients are visible to our naked eyes. All food free from - No additives; No preservatives; No flavoring; No coloring. Except feeding him pet food, I do cook for him as well. It has been 2 years and he is completely fine now.

And I would love to share the recipe with you all.

Once I made my batch for entire week, I just divide them up into single servings and freeze them. When ready to serve, I just defrost it in the fridge overnight and slightly heat it on the pan right before I feed him.

Homemade Dog Food


Ingredient (For 7 meals) 160kcal/ serving

Salmon 560 g
Beet 140 g
Carrot 140 g
Spinach 105 g
Rice 105 g


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